Friday, August 04, 2006


Thank you all for your concern.

It is true that Kachumbari, the kenyan villager, has passed on -he is dead. He was killed by a 'hit and run' motorist while on a visit to Nairobi City. As you may have read in one of his previous posts, he had recently set up a shop in Nyahururu town. The shop is selling a large variety of goods, mostly small fast moving items from China, like nail files, toys, cards, key holders, watches, sun glasses, e.t.c. Such shops are commonly called 'mali mali' shops. His wife has already decided to relocate the shop to Nyeri, Kachumbari's ancestral home where most of his relatives live, after some time.

On the fateful day, he had gone to Nairobi to buy mechandise for the shop. He had travelled on a Sunday afternoon so as to spend the night in the city, start shopping early in the morning and then return to Nyahururu in the evening. This was not to be. He arrived safely in Nairobi and decided to visit his brother-in-law who lives in 'South C' estate. While waiting for a bus to town at around 8.00pm, and in the company of the in-law, a car lost control and hit him and another person. Kachumbari died while being rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital by a good samaritan. The 'hit and run' car drove away and nobody was able to read the number plate.

Kachumbari left behind a wife and two children. I believe they are well taken care of. Shortly before his death, he had bought a life insurance policy and my wife is assisting his wife in trying to persue payment. He also had a personal accident insurance cover which contributed Kshs 20,000 towards the funeral expenses. They promised to pay the remaining amount in a months time. He never left a written will but had told me, his dad and several clan elders that in case of his demise, his estate should go to his wife. His family are honoring his wishes and we do not expect problems at all. People here are very superstitious and few would dare to cheat her -in any case, she was listed in the insurance forms as the next of kin and beneficially.

Kachumbari's real name was Anthony. Let's leave it at that.
He was 33.

I still can't believe he is gone -he was such a great guy. He loved his family so much and will genuinely be missed by many.

May he rest in peace.

(I will let this blog hang around for a month and before deleting it.)

Samuel (Cousin, best friend and confidant).