Friday, May 05, 2006


I've received many suggestions on how to improve my blogging technics and several invitations to link this blog to other sites and blogs. Someone even suggested that I go .com! Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for the advice and suggestions. I have been polishing up my skills on what I prefer to call computer and internet technology. Allow me to tell you how far along I am, but let me start with some history...

The very first time that I saw a real computer with my two eyes was in 1994. It was not until 1995 that I got to touch one. I was very interested in this intelligent machine and I started to learn about it bit by bit. By the year 2000, I could passably use Microsoft word, exel and powerpoint. Please note thet I did'nt go through any formal training on the same. In the year 2001, I discovered the internet and got hooked. I couldn't believe that this wondeful 'world' was always out there and I had no clue. OK, I used to hear about it but it sounded like science fiction then. I then signed op for a yahoo e-mail address and couldnt get enough friends to contact. E-mails then, consited of very short messages and dozens of 'fowards' that I find so irritating today.
I was fascinated by the amount of information on the web and would spend as much time on the net as my my very shallow pockets could allow. I used to visit cyber cafe's that had private booths so that people would not see me fumbling around with the computer like the novice I was. These cyber cafe's were also frequented by many people who as I was to learn later, were just interested in phonography. This was also a very new phenomenon to me. Naturally, I got curious and had my fare share of the same. I never got hooked though and was soon bored with it. During this time, I also got to know about dating sites. My curiousity got the better of me and before long, I was dating a rich 50-year-old sex bomb in Nairobi (but that's a story for another day).
I have now matured 'internetically' and interested in more positive and educative issues. One latter-day event was the dicovery of the blogging world in late 2005 and that's why you are reading this post.
Apart from what you'd call normal surfing on the net, I dont know really much. Thats why I havent developed this blog very much and haven't linked up with many sites. I have however made some positive inroads by successfully linking with global voices and the KBW(whatever its called). One of these days I will try to upload a photograph. A safari of a thousand miles starts with the famous step!
I know I should go to a class and learn these things only I cant afford it. Pride too has something to do with it.

Ps. I would like to have a really cool e-mail address apart from yahoo. Any suggestions?