Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Hi everyone, hope you had a great Easter holiday. Mine was fine, very fine. I was very busy trying to earn a living while everyone else was making merry. Times are very hard for me and my family because business is not good at all. It was a struggle to pay KShs.2200 for April's house rent for my two bedroomed rental(rent is usually paid in advance because people are fond of doing the dissapearing act when times are hard!), not to mention many other obligations. Im NOT, however begging for assistance from anyone. I will struggle and work hard until I "make it"- just watch this space!
There was a get-together(a meeting of the very extended family held annually) at one of my aunties home on Easter Saturday and I didnt even attend. I gave some very serious excuses because it is like a taboo to miss these annual feasts. If I had told them that I was working, some of those patronising aunties would get a heart attack! Thew would wonder aloud what devil has gone into my head and they would keep calling to try and convince me to try and at least appear and take a bite of something. I kept my phone off to be on the safe side. I have never liked these meetings because they have become annual meetings to boast and show off to other relatives and to ensure that one's family is best dressed, unlike last year... Woe unto you if you are not very well off coz your wife always end up doing the mountains of dishes! The idea for starting these 'feasts' was noble: to enable the extended family to stay united and to be there for one another, and for the children to mingle and know one-another (Secretly, the older ladies think this is vital so that cousins do not meet and marry 'accidentally' in future). Last year, our eight-year-old cousin died maily because her parents couldn't afford proper medical care. I felt guilty like hell! During the funeral, I looked around at my grieving relatives and I was ashamed. Some were in outfits whose cost could have saved the little girl's life. Others came in flashy cars whose weekly fuel consumption (cost) could have saved the litle girl's life... Oh God, what a shame! Now I would'nt feel comfortable sitting in the same room with the whole lot feasting on nyama choma, mukimo and greasy chapatis. I would puke the whole lot.

Ps... By the way , what the hell are Easter Eggs? Can someone please enlighten this villager?

Ps... (again) When leaving a comment on this blog, one reader suggested that i configure my blog so that I can post from my mobile phone. Thanks, but that is still science fiction in the village. I can make and receive calls from my Alcatel phone, I can also send 120-character text messages to another phone- that's about it. I hope to get a phone that can connect to the internet sometimes in the next five years. Around here, guys who frequent cyber cafe's get all the hot chicks! Now you know.


Blogger Kabinti said...

Wow an interesting take on how we do value money more than life. I'm glad you chose to do the moral thing. May your cousin R.I.P

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope all works out for you.I am glad that you took that choice,of trying extra money for the a month than just being fed for a day.And come to think of it Easter was based on a pagan holiday(including the easter eggs).God bless your hard work.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easter eggs derive from a pagan celebration of new life in the springtime (in England). It was picked up by the Christian church to tie in with the resurrection of Christ. Hence Easter (oestro-estrogen-female fertility) eggs.

...but anyway, does your insight about cybers mean that the man I am crazy about in Nairobi only goes to cybers to impress Nairobian women? Damn. I thought he went there to write to me!!

Sorry about your cousin. Impressed with your objectivity.


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Blogger kalipso said...

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Anonymous acolyte said...

Nice post!Where you do you live btw?As 2200/= in this day and age for rent in nai is a very good deal!
We also used to have such gatherings in my famo but they degenerated much like the ones in your family.So even out here I havent kept in touch with them much!I will be back on your blog more often!

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easter Eggs, full explantion from BBC (

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