Thursday, March 02, 2006

Home town..

I am now living in Core-site estate, Nyahururu - a small town in central Kenya. The town is dusty like hell in the dry season but lovely and very green in the rainy season. The Aberdare ranges lie to the west and southwest in magnificent slumber while Nakuru is 85 Kilometers away to the east. The most popular attraction around is Thomson Falls, a 75 meter (246.06 feet) water cascade just 15 minutes away on foot. The falls, locally called Kirurumo are a sight to behold. Sitting at the bottom of the falls on a sunny Sunday afternoon, sipping some exotic tropical fruit juice, and my lovely lady by my side is pure heavenly bliss….During the rainy season, the falls roars like thunder as the water crushes on the rocks far below. You don’t want to be down there, at the bottom – its not just scary, it’s dangerous! From a safe distance though, it’s a bewitching, sight that can never be forgotten. If you ever happen to be around, get In touch with me and I will take you there. You won’t regret.


Blogger Irena said...

two he he I have been there and I agree very scary indeed

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