Thursday, January 19, 2006

Beloved Kenya, are we going to the dogs?

I think Kenya is a great country. Im proud to be a Kenyan too.
Many of us Kenyans pray for peace, stability and prosperity. We have relative peace and stability but prosperity remains just but a mirage for many of us, especially here in the village. The politicians criss cross the villages promising heaven to hungry villagers during election campaign time only to vanish from sight aftewards. They crowd the bad roads with their big SUV's and generally cause confusion all over. The make inflatory remarks in public pitting their tribes aganist others. Their minds are focussed on the next general election and the huge amounts of money they stand to make by virtue of the power they acquire when elected. They dont care for the common mwananchi (citizen).

The villagers down here spend hours on end talking about these politicians and their 'antics'. They forget that the source of most of their problems comes from these wolves in sheep skins. I am tired of this misery. I am tired the endless stories of woe and suffering all round. I want to rise up and do something... but what? I have no resourses to conduct elabolate public campaigns nor will the people listen to my feeble voice. I dont know what to do, but the problems remain; Kenya rushes on to the dogs. All that rings in my mind is: I need to act, now! Who will join me, who else is fed up of these pigs (read politicians and their cronies)?


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